HOLE IT! – Zhakaas Games LLP

Slide as many balls as possible through the Hole by inclining the disc using your fingers to collect them below !!

Get bonus for collected balls in addition to scoring on passing through the hole.

Get through many levels designed with multiple obstacles and power-ups.

Also collect Power Ups such as Magnets, Shield, Timer Pause and Golden Balls so speed up your progress.

Be greedy and do it fast to get time bonus!!


* 150 levels to make it interesting
* Stay away from the Bombs
* One-Touch Gameplay
* Easy to Play, Hard to Master
* Power Ups such as Magnet, Shield, Timer Pause and Golden Balls
* Levels designed with obstacles to make gameplay more exciting
* Bonus Level to collect more Golden Balls
* Save-points to save your progress after each bonus level

Can you reach a level century?