HITNUT: I need this nut! – Gennadiy Anufrev

You are a small, fluffy and very hungry squirrel. All you need is nuts. And better – that only one, big, golden and the most delicious! Use the help of the other animals, go through all obstacles, and try to get your first nut right now!
In the game “HitNut” everything depends only on you. Check your reaction and attentiveness: tap the screen in time to make your squirrel fly, collect coins, try to avoid obstacles, upgrade the squirrel and help her get her treasure!

– Tap to make the squirrel jump off the tree
– Tap again to swing bear’s club and launch the squirrel. You should do this in time to get the best speed and hit angle
– Swipe up while in flight to flap your tail and gain some height
– Tap the screen in time to make the squirrel fall and bounce off animals, but be careful – the squirrel bounces not so well from the other objects
– Try to fly as far as possible and pick up your treasured nut!

– The game “HitNut” is easy to play. You don’t need to remember the buttons, just tap the screen in time
– Lovely cartoon graphics will help you plunge into the gaming world
– Don’t miss the coins and buy new things for the bear and squirrel
– Collect gems, upgrade the squirrel and reveal her super-power
– Use the additional abilities of the squirrel to extend her flight