History of Aircrafts 4D+ – Octagon Studio Ltd

“Back from the first design of a manual flying machine to the most advanced supersonic jet that can exceed the speed of sound, History of Aircrafts 4D+ will give you the wonder of aviation world through Augmented Reality. Put the aircrafts into your world or scan the magic aircraft card and have fun !

Don’t forget to explore the aircrafts’ entertaining features :
– See your favorite aircraft from up close with Augmented Reality ! Simply scan the aircraft cards or put them in a flat surface !
– Check out your collections of aircrafts in the “”Hangar”” and witness your aircrafts maneuver up in the sky !
– Explore the size of your aircrafts in comparison to its pilot and other aircraft in “”Size Comparison.””
– The “”3D Library”” contains the history of aircrafts from a flying glider to the brand new gigantic cargo aircraft.”

And… Tuned in for more upcoming cool features coming really soon !

Minimum Device Requirements for using History of Aircraft 4D+ :
1. Min OS (for cardless AR feature) : iOS 9
2. Min OS (for cards AR feature) : iOS 7.0
3. Processor: Qualcomm chipset, 1.2 GHz
4. Ram: 3 GB
5. Camera: 8 MPX
6. Memory card supports Augmented Reality feature
7. Not compatible with Intel Atom processor

DOWNLOAD and PRINT the aircraft cards for free through this link https://octagon.studio/products-and-services/4d-flashcards/