Highway Rider Extreme – famobi

What is the definition of freedom? For some people it is riding on a motorcycle on a wide mountain road in the middle of nowhere, listening to good music.

What a coincidence that we offer exactly that in this wonderful highway-riding, freedom-enjoying, coin-collecting racing game. Jump on one of the many available motorbikes and hit the streets in this highway racing game.
Your goal is simple: just make it to the next checkpoint within the time limit. Along the way try to collect as many coins as possible. They will enable you to upgrade your bike and to buy new and faster (and much cooler) bikes while you progress. It’s real old-school arcade racer fun with lots of tracks and different motorbikes.

You can also stretch the time limit by overtaking cars as close as you can. If you’re close enough you will receive a 0.25 second bonus for each car you overtake. If you’re too close, you will crash. Just like in real life.

If you have earned enough coins you should visit the garage and upgrade your bike. Buy a new engine, better tyres or stiffer suspension. Anything that makes your bike faster in this asphalt racer will help you on your way to each checkpoint.
Or if you feel like spending a big amount of in-game coins at once, why not buy a completely new bike? From off-road bikes to real racing bikes everything is there.
And you will need them to reach the checkpoints in later levels. As you can see on the map there a quite a lot of levels with different courses for you to master. And it will get a little more difficult every time you advance to the next.

Put on your leather jacket, turn on some good music and hit the country streets in Highway Rider Extreme.

– A full map with lots of levels
– Various bikes and tracks
– Upgrades for better performance
– Racing game for bike enthusiasts
– 3D racing on open roads