Hidden Objects Spot It Puzzles – Rabia Sadiq

Happy Holidays Detective!

Are you a detective and looking for something interesting to solve in this holiday season?

Be ready you’ll be drawn into the plot of multiple puzzles, each with its own unique fugitive to catch, challenges, and surprises.

Hidden Objects Mini Games Puzzles Spot It Game play:
You have five different puzzle games Find differences, Hidden Objects, Spot It, Jigsaw Puzzle and Match Objects. Game play of all the mini games is simple just tap on right answers, at the same time keep the track of time because time is money and in this case time is life. If you run out of time you’ll have to start over. Also if you click on wrong answer you will be over. Keep your eyes open.

Hidden Objects Mini Games Puzzles Spot It is All in One game with five different mini games

1: Find differences
Are you a detective and looking for something interesting to solve in this holiday season?

Spot It Find the Difference for our detective friends it’s a kind of puzzle game where you have to find five differences between similar looking images. Time to improve your observation skills and train your brain by reveal and guess differences.

2: Hidden Objects
Hidden objects is hide and seek puzzle game where you can have fun by finding the hidden objects in hundreds of items by searching every inch and every corner. This game serve as a source of testing your spy skills. You have to look for things that seem invisible.
Let’s use your magnifying glass and start find objects that are scattered all around in a given time. Just be careful while searching don’t touch the wrong place to cut your time. Use your detective skills and find them all!

3: Spot It
Challenge yourself to Spot the right one!
Game is simple puzzle game. Train your reflexes!
You have four similar pictures all you have to do find the different one between them, but beware not to tap on wrong one otherwise game will be over. The longer you play the game more difficult it is. The sequence of the spot picture keep on changing. Be the King of Spot it game and get coins.

4: Jigsaw Puzzle
Jigsaw Puzzle is an photo puzzle game that require to arrange interlocking real pieces in beautiful way, secret of this picture puzzle is its challenges. Task is to try to match similar picture piece and improve your visual memory this holiday its a tricky game. You just have to drag the puzzle at the right place.
Let’s have fun and release stress relax your brain by completing the picture using this simple educational puzzle game.

5: Match Objects
Memory challenge classic!.
One of the best and classic brain games out there. Find the pair of color image between grey pictures. Train your memory, concentration, accuracy, attention and the speed of thinking. Memory Match is a great way to exercise your memory and keep your brain fit! Memory Match is card matching game you have to find beautiful similar images and find the pairs.

• Five amazing puzzle mini games.
• Easy, simple and understanding user interface.
• Receive bonus coins by completing targets.
• Use these coins to unlock other levels.
• Use hints where you feel lost.
• Complete challenging goals within time.
• Don’t tap on wrong item that’ll deduct your precious time.
• Develop focus, sharp memory skills and visual perception skills.
• Best way to release Stress, relax brain.
• Enjoyable game for everyone, No WIFI required to play.
• Educational game use for learning and memorizing purposes.

So, puzzle enthusiasts and detectives download Hidden Objects Mini Games Puzzles Spot It and get to work. Remember to solve a puzzle you have to be focused and a good time manager.