HeartPeace – Agustin Prats Hernandez

HeartPeace helps you to meditate by providing real-time feedback about how relax you are.

The feedback is provided by measuring your cardiac coherence using heart rate variability analysis algorithms that determine your parasympathetic vs sympathetic nervous system activation. Therefore, a BLE heart rate monitor is required.

The feedback is given by displaying an animation that resembles your inner state. The more you are focused in your breathing, the bigger, slower and green/blue the animation will be.

Feedback is also presented using sounds so headphones are recommend, if you are not focused in your breathing you will hear a crowd sound but if you are focused in your breathing you will hear monks meditating and the more focused you are the deeper the sounds will be.

To better focus on the breathing is advised to sit down, set the timer provided in the app and close you eyes to minimize distractions.

Only heart rate monitors that accurately measure R-R intervals and have Bluetooth 4.0 (BLE) will work.

Here are a few that have been proven to work well:
· Polar H7
· Polar H10
· Wahoo TICKR
· 4iiii Viiiiva
· Zephyr HxM
· Cardiosport TP3
· Suunto Smart Belt
· R1 Blue Sigma Sport

Not compatible devices:
· Apple Watch
· Vernier Go Wireless Heart Rate
· MyZone MZ-3
· UnderArmour UA Heart Rate (according to UnderArmour Customer Service)
· LifeBEAM hats
· Decathlon GEONAUTE
· TomTom BLE HRM
· Scosche RHYTHM+
· Fitbit Charge HR
· Lezyne HRM
· Most cheap chest straps sold on Alibaba
· Knock off brand monitors