Heart Pulse – BPM Rate Monitor – Sergey Yuzepovich

Most intuitive and lightweight app to measure your heart rate with phone camera and flash.

HR tracking has never been so easy – just cover back camera and flashlight with your finger and instantly see your heart beating live.

Displays the very minimum information required from pulse tracking:
• Current Heart Rate in Beats per Minute
• HR Waveform Graph
• Estimated Time passed and left
• Camera Signal Quality (fully red when finger is placed properly)
• Status Message hinting the current state measurement
x No disruptive popups in the middle of HR tracking
x No persistent offers to buy a pro upgrade
x No daily limits on number of scans
x No mandatory subscriptions/registrations/authorizations

Also features:
• Dark and Light themes
• Indefinite Scanning mode to keep tracking pulse for as long as you need
• More features coming soon

Note that pulse rate data and HR waveforms displayed by application are provided only for reference and by no means are intended for medical use. For healthcare and/or disease treatment please use medical-grade pulse tracking hardware.