HD Voice Recorder Audio Editor – Jaypalsinh Jadeja

Record amazing real-life live HD sound in phone quickly and easily. The app will have an audio editing feature as well it’ll help in your daily routine task every day it’s come up with timestamp as well location feature.

Audio can be played with incredible crisp quality with dynamic features that you have not seen in any other apps.

– If you select any date and play then it’ll play for that date audio-only.
– If you wish to play by location then choose that location.
– If you wish to play by the label it’ll play using label only
– The same way you can select an event and play audio of that event too.

Edit any file and trim it easily by choosing that part and save it by just simply tap on the cut icon, select desire starts position and select end part and cut it and save it that’s it.

Easily share any recorded file with email or open in other apps too, It gives the flexibility to do whatever you want.

HD Voice record will help to record chat, Interview, Meetings, Speech, Lecture create voice Memo and much more.

Cool features of HD Voice Recorder

> Audio Dynamic Settings

– Quality (Low, Medium, High)

– Background recording support

– Recording Format: m4a, aiff, caf, wav

– Continue recording into existing recordings.

– Call Interruption handling – Recording will continue after a call or other interruption.

> Play Easily

– Play Straight from Home after record instantly

– Easy control from the home screen to Play, Stop, Next, Previous

– Filter Play which gives you the ability to choose any option and play by your filter selection

– Play with Bluetooth devices

– Seamless playing in the background

> Trim/Cut Audio

– Audio Trim and save

– Trim specific part and Save and share

> Easy Share and Wifi Transfer

– Transfer file straight to your computer on the same network

– Email recordings

– Copy, Save to files

– Open in other apps

– Airdrop sharing with iOS devices