HayBarn – Bluestone Apps, LLC Mobile

Hay Barn app was created to give farmers and ranchers a quick, easy, and convenient way to buy and sell different types of hay and straw. Hay barn app is an essential tool with easy to use drop down boxes to describe the product you are trying to sell or buy. The more information the app user inputs into the app allows the potential to acquire more revenue from the hard-earned product. Also simplifies the process for the buyer to locate exactly what they are looking for. The app also caters to the trucking industry by notifying transportation users that a product transaction has taken place. Therefore, they have the opportunity to contact the purchaser and or seller of their availability to provide transportation services. The user can locate or advertise their product in close proximity or across the entire USA.

Hay Barn app is a monthly or annually app only. All transactions and negotiations are conducted between the app users. Hay Barn is designed to be a simple and effective tool to help the communication process for farmers and Ranchers, so they have more time to do the necessary tasks required of them.