Harp Guru – Joseph Sinfield

Building a working knowledge of a harmonica’s layout is a real challenge.

New players struggle to make sense of basic patterns, and even experienced players can find themselves lost in higher registers or different keys.

The Harp Guru gives you interactive visualisations to:

– Help you understand how your harmonica is laid out
– Show you the possibilities and limitations of each position
– Show you the possibilities and limitations of each harmonica
– Move your licks between registers with confidence
– Guide you past the discordant tones during improvisations
– Act as reference in all situations before you have a perfect mental model

Then Harp Guru helps you internalise all of this in to a mental model so you can improvise and change key confidently with your eyes closed.

There will always be another harmonica layout or position to learn though, and Harp Guru will be able to help, whatever combination you need to work on.

Available harmonica layouts at the moment include:

– Major diatonic
– Country tuned
– Natural minor
– Wilde tuned
– Power bender

More layouts coming soon and will be downloaded automatically by the App Store for you depending on your settings.