Hamer Candy – Hamer Candy

This app has been created as part of our 2nd Generation Online Hamer Candy Store (www.hamerworld.com) that has been launched recently. The following briefly describes the benefits offered by this app:

1. HamerGuard® enables you to ensure the Hamer Candy you’ve bought are authentic and genuine considering the amount of fakes that are available in the market today (IMPORTANT).

2. You will be able to check tracking information of your orders (IMPORTANT).

3. Keeping track of all the orders you’ve made with us to-date.

4. Enjoying continuous DISCOUNTS & PROMOTIONS that will be offered from time to time.

5. Getting latest updates or special events etc., via our News option in Menu.

6. Customers can easily gain access to our main website to make their purchases effortlessly.

7. Access to important information about Hamer Candy customers should know.

8. Access to Testimonials and FAQs.

9. More benefits will be updated on regular basis.