Halley Meter – COMET & PROGRESS LTD.

Improve your Bodyshop’s productivity and save money from day one. Get the most important data about your color coating activities: material consumption, coated area, painters performance and a recommendation for color and varnish quantity for each job

HALLEY METER is the only system in the world that can precisely measure your color coating activities. Our unique technology (patent pending) enables painters to mark the repaired object, fill in a few parameters and receive accurate quantities of color and varnish that should be prepared.
The product uses AI technologies in order to optimize quantities for future jobs taking into account the painter’s past performance.

HALLEY METER is a further step in bringing digital tools and computer science into the Bodyshop arena.

HALLEY METER provides real data-based information to improve control over your business and enhance efficiency.
With HALLEY METER you can measure the exact parts that needs to be painted and improve your team’s performance. The system sends daily, weekly or monthly reports directly to your email upon request. Data is stored online and is accessible whenever you like.
The smartphone app provides access to the Halley Meter system via smartphone.

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For efficient use of the Halley Meter system it is recommended that painters would install and use the app as part of their daily routine.
The App is easy and intuitive for use
Data is visualized with graphs making it intuitive for your team to easily understand it.

– Join and save from day one
– Know your team’s paint consumption
– Measure the real area per part
– Understand how much paint is consumed by each painter
– Get a recommendation for color and varnish quantities per part
– Manage your jobs per painter
– Get daily / weekly / monthly push reports directly to your email
– Easy access from any smartphone
– Easy and intuitive for use
– Updated data online
– No need to back-up
– It is so easy, join us and start saving from day one.