Habitat Designer: Panda – Sebit, LLC

Learn science in a way that is engaging and effective. Complete interactive actvities and quizzes, access helpful feedback and key vocabulary―and do it all right there on your device!

Demonstrate your knowledge of ecosystems by designing a habitat for a population of endangered giant pandas. To be successful, you must consider the most appropriate elements that will help the pandas survive.

• Examine the components of ecosystems and populations.
• Access information about the habitat requirements of giant pandas.
• Choose the appropriate size for the pandas’ habitat.
• Learn about different types of ecosystems.
• Select the best flora and fauna for the pandas’ habitat.
• Choose the most suitable monitoring systems and fencing structures to protect the pandas.

App features:
• Build an ecosystem for an endangered species in an interactive environment.
• Use helpful information and feedback to complete the activity.
• Access an interactive glossary of key vocabulary terms.
• Demonstrate what you learn by taking quizzes.
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