Habitalk — English Practice – Habitalk

It’s something different from other language apps. It’s not for learning, it’s for using English. It trains you to think and express your ideas so that native speakers could understand you.

How does it work?

Our app sends you a question a day. You write your answer or just record an audio file. The native editor corrects mistakes and gives you feedback and recommendations.
Your answers don’t have to be ideal! Feel free to make mistakes — you learn from them. Practice makes perfect. Every day there is a new question and a new review for you.

Why does it work?

No matter what you do — if you do it every day it will soon become your habit. You don’t need effort or motivation any more.

Will I enjoy it?

If you have ever dreamt of being interviewed by an attentive and tactful journalist then YES. With Habitalk you answer interesting questions about your view of the world and your opinion about real and imaginary situations. First of all we pay attention to the things which you say correctly like a native speaker. We always let you know if you sound naturally and find right words. A professional editor helps you express your ideas flawlessly. This is fun and useful! You will receive lots of new topics for discussion at a date or a party.

Try it — the first review is free.