Guitar Solo Pro – XuXu

Guitar Solo Pro is a guitar application for IOS available on App Store. It concentrates on solo skill from beginner to advance level.
There are some of main app features:
1. Choose sound-font: the sound of specific guitar will be chose as Classic, Steel, Chorus, Blue, Override, and Distortion.
2. Preferences: is for setting other suitable using
– Playback speed: use for increasing or decreasing speed for practicing purpose.
– Auto – correct Scale: it will be correct your fault, use for the one who unknown guitar playing or just for relaxing purpose
Song setting and backing track setting
Song setting:
– Loop is for repeating chord progression
– Melody tutorial: turn on to get bright points which appear belong to song’s melody
– Melody sound: turn on/ off for solo purpose
– Rhythm sound: turn on/off instrument accompaniment
3. Tone transposing: appear beside songs choosing.
4. Request
Backing track setting: to get instrument accompaniment or chord progression for only solo purpose.
The guitar application is now for free using, however users could paid for supporting us and getting more songs and more features.