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Say hello to Grindstone – the #1 platform for high school opportunities.

Get instant access to hundreds of motivated and passionate high school students in your area to get the help you need.

There are students in every high school that want to make a difference and be of value in the community. Whether they are coding after class, taking photos for the yearbook, playing in the school band, or spending their weekends mowing neighbors lawns, they are always looking for new opportunities. Grindstone allows you to connect with these motivated high schoolers and find hard workers without having to pay exorbitant professional prices.

All listings posted to Grindstone are entirely free and easy to post. You can also reach out to our team to get help directly.

Hire high school students to:
• Volunteer work
• Babysitting
• Tutoring (Academic/Sports/Instrument/Etc.)
• Designing/Art
• Photography
• Video Work
• Cleaning/Organizing
• Moving/Driving
• Installations
• Errand Running
• Computer work
• Spreadsheet management
• Internships
• Whatever you need – there’s a student on Grindstone happy to help!

Whether you’re looking for motivated employees at your local business or an individual looking for help around the house, Grindstone is the place to go.

For individuals and businesses:
Grindstone aims to help you find motivated students in your community who can solve your problems!

• Find the help you need with just a swipe and a tap
• Read our talented students ratings and customer reviews to pick the perfect match for your project
• Enjoy safe communication directly with your student
• Post as many listings as you need, free of charge!
• View all your applicants in one place
• Link your listing to an external application URL
• Hire when ready! (But be prepared to be amazed)

For students:
Find opportunities. Make money. Build connections.

Explore Grindstone for listings and opportunities specifically for high schoolers.

• Get access to local work and opportunities only found on Grindstone
• Search for volunteer work or paid work easily
• Add more unique experiences to your resume and college application
• Chat directly with the people hiring you
• Find opportunities. Make money. Build connections.

Download now & see what the hype is about!

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