Grifin – Invest Where You Shop – Grifin LLC

Rack up shares with that e-book you just ordered from Amazon and get a slice of Domino’s stock with your next pizza delivery. With Grifin, you’ll own the companies you shop at most

Buy Stock Where You Shop.
Automatically invest $1 into the stock of companies where you shop.

Put $1 Away When You Shop Local.
Every time you make a purchase, you’ll stash up for your future, even if you buy local. You can use this cash to invest in over 2,000 publicly traded companies.

Real. Fractional. Shares.
Buy $5 (or $10,000) of your favorite stocks. There’s no need to worry about how many shares you own, you can buy any dollar amount you want.

Grifin has zero fees. We believe that you deserve to keep your money, because every dollar makes a difference.

Have the confidence, strength, clarity, and transparency to do it yourself. Because you’ve been able to all along. It’s not an investment app or finance company made for everyone. It’s made for you.

Go out, take on the day, and OWN IT… literally.