GoTo Gold – Hayk Arakelyan

GoTo Gold game is about a Golden Fish, that goes through the river to find the ocean.
On it’s way it should collect as much gold and energy as it can.
Through the way there appears a lot of barriers like turtle, octopus, snake-fish
If the fish touches above mentioned objects it will lose it’s life or energy. Life is generated while the fish collects stars.
It will help children to develop their reaction and imagination, also they will learn different type of sea creatures.

The game is also interesting in that you have to be able to eat the pieces of energy in time so that the fish can move.
It loses some energy per meter, in addition to energy, there are gold that need to be eaten with proper grip to reach the ocean.

If you reach the ocean but do not have the right amount of gold, you will have to go back to the beginning of the river and try to collect that gold again.

The game is also made with individual design solutions that make it
more interesting and enjoyable. The player also has the opportunity to see how many meters he has passed from the starting point.