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Gospel Garden (GG) is a 100% free mobile television service, providing you with 24/7 gateway to powerful preaching, teaching and extraordinary time of worship in the presence of our Lord. GG is designed to be the world’s largest and most watched Christian faith app. GG offers free inspirational, useful and life changing video streaming in various languages.

Gospel Garden gives you instant access to all of your favorite Christian Channels, Sermon Videos and Worship Songs all in one place. GG has an amazing library of faith-based content for every person who wants daily hope and inspiration in his/her life. GG is your daily source for Christ-centered, faith-based television partner perfect for you and your family.

Watch on the go, anytime, anywhere; transform your life so YOU can transform the WORLD!

• Watch the latest videos from your beloved Churches, Pastors, Sermons, Music and Ministries.
• Watch sermon & worship videos which are hand selected by people of living God.
• Follow your ardently desired channels.
• Get Notified by channels on new videos and latest shows that are updated on their channels, from the Channels you follow.
• Share your favorite videos with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, etc.
• Need some Prayer Support? Get prayed by sending Gospel Garden a prayer request and our prayer team will be praying for your prayer points.
• GG is your daily devotional supplement as we give you spiritually inspired content round the clock, every day!
• New videos are added to each channel everyday so you will never get bored.
• Key features such as Favorites, lets you to mark those videos you had found moving to you so you could access them easily without having to search for them every time you want to see and listen to them.
• Our outstanding Offline feature helps you to watch videos even in remote areas of the world or places you may get stuck without an internet connection, keeping company with you always.
• Receive a heart touching Daily Promise Verse to encourage you in every walk of your life.
• Submit “feedback” so we can keep making our App better.
• We are earnestly on the look out to add new channels, sermons, worship songs and church channels to Gospel Garden for a God inspired day, every day of your life.
• If you want to publish your Gospel channel or videos, please contact – info@gospel.garden

Get first hand on all videos with our Live Streaming feature, so you could watch all your favorite Christian TV channels & videos uninterrupted; stream every Live video you love to help you grow in your walk with the Lord!