GoldenCoin Suisse – GCB Suisse AG

Reintroducing 1 Oz gold coins as money, that can be used in today’s electronic payments world.

Clients gold coins are segregated and stored at Loomis International vault in Zurich. Use them as money for payments, transfers and MasterCard purchases.

Mobile App User Features
– Private vault Account at Loomis International Zurich
– InApp MasterCard Account choice in USD/EUR/GBP.
– Updated Market Prices 1 Oz Gold Eagles
– P2P Gold Coin Transfers
– Redeem Payments worldwide
– Separate Gold IRA account
– Elite Travel Club with Digital Priority Pass, Concierge 24/7, etc.
– In app support 24/7, chat, chat, phone, tickets, etc.

Mobile App Technology Features
– MRZ Scan of passports, for easy sign-up
– Bank-core backend, with cold data storage
– In App MasterCard integration
– Biometric Fingerprint login security
– One Time Passwords
– Cold stored Coins Ledger in Switzerland
– 4 Factor Authentication (Military Grade)