Go Recapp – Veolia Middle East

You want to contribute to a more sustainable world and get rewarded for that ? Download RECAPP and become a champion in sustainability.

With RECAPP, Recycling is easy and rewarding!

This application enables you to request, free of charge, for recyclable collection (plastic bottles and metal). We come to collect them at your doorstep whenever you are available.

All the essential information is available on your homescreen. Ask for recyclable collection in one click!

Manage your collections by selecting the most convenient pick-up timing.

Receive reminders and never forget to prepare your recyclables for pick-up.

You recycle, you win !
You win points each time you use the collection service using RECAPP. The points will be exchanged into gift vouchers to be redeemed into gifts with our partners!

Super Recycling guide
Do you have any questions regarding sorting at home best practices? Find the answer in our guide.

RECAPP is a service provided by Veolia Middle East.

Other details

Marketing URL (landing page ) : http://recapp.ae

Support URL ( support page ): http://contact.recapp.ae

Privacy URL: http://privacypolicy.recapp.ae

IF any contact number required: temporary give: 00971 553355989 (we can change later right ?)