Go Mezza – vagkenthiran inthiran

First of it’s kind Quick Service Gourmet Kebab Restaurant. The “Go” in our name stands for both “On the Go” and “Gourmet” since we mark the beginning of the new age of cooking and presenting kebabs with a hundred percent of the production of the dishes happening in house, hand made by our super specialised chefs prepared to take over UK’s bustling Lebanese food scene. Our preparation of Doners, Wraps, Burgers, Bowls, Salads and an array of hot and cold mezze dishes will leave you craving for more. Pop in and taste the real kebabs.

App Features Overview
• Track your order, LIVE: No more calling to check if your order is ready or not. You can place your order and track it live on the app on the home screen, all the way from the restaurant to your doorstep, along with real-time updates. Isn’t that super cool?
• Get notified of your order status via push notifications.
• Separate Pickup option: Now you can even pick up your order from the nearest store. Just select the Pickup tab on the location screen.
• Reliable and fast, really fast: We are boringly reliable but incredibly fast at delivery. Our delivery executives work around the clock to deliver food at your doorstep in the fastest possible time
• Pre-Order – Too busy to order your food? No issues, you can pre-order and get your food delivered to your location.
• Location Picker – automatically picks your current location

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