GNNHS–A Tool For Students – Jessie Violet

Many students and teachers at Great Neck North High School use many important tools and services everyday for their educational needs. However, what if instead of having to look at the bell schedule on the school website, you can go to an app that shows it to you quick and easily? What if instead of finding the phone number of the nearest pizzeria, you can go to an app and call it with a tap of a button? The GNNHS app, brought to you by Noah Hanover, does all of this and more.

Some features include:
• A great looking design that includes the blue and orange colors found throughout the school!
• Amazing support for iPads!
• Quick access to office and administration phone and email
• Easily look up the bell schedules for ordinary, advisory, and assembly days
• Effortlessly email and call teachers in different departments of the school
• Have a nice lunch with an easy call to many of the nearby restaurants
• Access needed educational websites with ease!
• Email me with any suggestions you think should be added into the app