Glide Connect – Glide Labs Inc.

Get a second phone number backed by your team so that you can be present with your client, every time. You can keep your personal number private while handling client texts and calls. You’ll make your client feel like they’re your number one priority because your team members can respond on your behalf when you’re away. You can also speak privately to your team alongside your client texts allowing you to have fewer texts about your texts. It’s like cc: and fwd: but for texts. Once you close that deal, export your conversation as a PDF for peace of mind in just one button click.
Set up your free number in under 5 minutes.

— More Features —

* Away Mode – Set yourself to away and choose how your texts and calls get handled.
* Local Number – Search area codes to find a local second phone number for your business.
* Shared Inbox – Manage texts, calls, and voicemails with your entire team.
* Custom Voicemail – Record a custom voicemail prompting callers to leave a message.
* High Call Quality – Calls use your cellular connection not VOIP.