GiveMe5 (Green Enterprise) – Srinivasa Devireddy

Green Enterprises brings you Give Me 5, a health bar that offers a range of well-planned nutritious foods and drink. Give Me 5 mobile app is the easiest, fastest and the most convenient way to ordering food and payment online in corporate Cafeteria, and Corporate /Business Park. GiveMe5 is a certified Closed Loop Program as per the RBI Regulations and policy.

Key Features:
• Easy to order Menu
• Get immediate notifications for purchases and rewards
• View your complete transaction history
• Provide feedback directly to Give Me 5
• Lot of payment options using Debit & credit cards and online banking
• Dedicated wallet to purchase without the trouble of adding card details every time
• Easily check your wallet balance, reload and earn cash back rewards
• Track order status up to delivery in real time