Gimbse Photo – Christian Kappertz

Take perfectly aligned photos with a cool pro look. In real time. Only the unique live perspective correction of the Gimbse Photo app allows you to take “straight” images even from the worst positions and viewing angles. This innovative technology combines the simulation of a three-axis gimbal with adaptive tilt and shift functions to align the subject. Augmented reality visualizes the live perspective correction directly in the camera image and can be easily adapted to any spatial situation with the available correction modes.

Pro Calibration
The intuitively designed pro calibration enables highest precision in the alignment of the live perspective correction. Once the different positions of your iPhone are set, you never have to worry about “skewed ” images again. Simply use the preset combination of horizon and architecture mode to quickly take a picture. For the straight display of two-dimensional objects, such as images, the gallery mode is also available, and for very skewed cases also the easel mode.

Exposure and White Balance
The exposure setting works with dynamic color-preserving compression. This replaces hard color breaks in overexposed image areas with natural transitions, similar to the exposure behavior of classic film. The special operation of the automatic white balance enables an even more precise determination of the neutral grey value.

Compatible With the Photos App
All recordings are saved directly into the Photos app, where they can be edited, managed and shared. For preview, the album is available within the app, in which you can view your latest pictures in detail without having to switch to the Photos app.

Comparison Images
Optionally, you can have a comparison image created for each photo, which shows the effects of live perspective correction, color-preserving exposure compression and the color filter using the example of the current subject. Use the comparison images, for example, to study the significance of perspective for image composition. Or just share it with your friends to show them the incredible possibilities of the Gimbse Photo app.

Features of the Gimbse Photo App:
• Horizon mode
• Architecture mode
• Gallery mode
• Easel mode
• Rotation (for fine adjustment of perspective)
• Global reference lines
• Pro calibration
• Zoom
• Exposure compensation
• Manual focus
• Spot autofocus
• Spot white balance
• Exposure and white balance lock
• Color filter
• Shutter release
• Camera switch
• Album
• Info-terminal

All functions are documented within the app. The descriptions of the individual buttons or sliders can be called up quite simply via the i-button.

Discover the amazing new ways to create your photos. Without special previous knowledge, without post-processing. Just use the new Gimbse Photo App.