Gilad James – Gilad Soffer

Gilad James Mystery School is a collection of courses in the occult, psychic, spiritual, mysterious and scientific topics. The courses are:

What Happens to You After You Die?
Introduction to the Spirit World
How to Astral Project
How to become psychic by activating your 12 DNA strands
Introducing our Enemy- the Dark Side
The Hermetic Extraterrestrial Philosophy
Predictions for the New Age
How to Overcome Fears
How to contact your Spirit Guides and Angels
How to become clairvoyant and reach God-consciousness
Kabbalah Level 1: Step on the Ladder
Kabbalah Level 2: Cycle of Reality
Perform Soul Healing Miracles
Wicca Level 1: Witchcraft for Beginners
Wicca Level 2: How to Perform Magick
How to Become Extremely Smart
Taoism Level 1: a Path to a Higher Dimension
Taoism Level 2: Raise in Vibration
Theosophy Level 1: Life’s mysteries revealed
Theosophy Level 2: The Power of Thought
Capitalism Level 1: Become Rich with Capitalism
Capitalism Level 2: Money, Money, Money
Politics Level 1: Rise to Power
Politics Level 2: Control the Masses
Occultism Level 1: Explore Hidden Knowledge
Occultism Level 2: Science of the Paranormal
Stock Investing Level 1: Become a Wealthy Douchebag
Stock Investing Level 2: Swimming In Cash
Occultism Level 3: Mediumship and Spiritism
Artificial Intelligence Level 1: Cogito
Artificial Intelligence Level 2: Rise of the Machines
Traversable Wormholes: Enter the Wormhole
Warp Drive Physics: Prepare for Warp Speed
Wicca Level 3: So Mote it be
Criminology: The Study of Doughnuts
Occultism Level 4: The Zodiac
Occultism Level 5: The Soul
Occultism Level 6: Spiritual Alchemy
How to Build a Free Energy Device
Politics Level 3: Ideologies
Capitalism Level 3: Light your Cigar
How to Build a Rocket
Acoustics: Sounds Right
Business Law: Even Santa has a Clause
Organic Chemistry: How to Build People