Gigster by Kumbaya App – MyKumbaya, Inc.

– Teens set up their profile and get their parents’ approval. Their parents can promote them by inviting their friends and parents they trust to see their teen’s availability to do gigs. Teens have their dashboard to track their activities and their parents have an option to have full transparency going forward.
– Parents who need help can search and invite teens to do care services Teens get secure notification and text messages with the necessary details for the task.
Gigster by Kumbaya App is for teens only. Parents have their own app, Kumbaya App.

As a teen, you can find services and skills you are good at create a gigster profile. Add service type, hourly rate, and general description of yourself, as well as contact information to the profile. Then send it to your parent’s for approval. It increases your chances to get more casual gigs.

Once parents request your services and you confirm, you can start chatting with them in our app chat. You can set up rates, availability and service type quickly.

– a great opportunity for teens to find casual and flexible jobs with their parents’ help.
– an easy way for parents to get trusted help with their kids and household tasks.
– 100% safe & transparent marketplace.
– daily gigs finder for teens (pet care, babysitting, tutoring, mommy helper, & more.)
– communicate within the app through a chat for matching, scheduling, and tracking.

Are you a teen and you want to find casual jobs like tutoring, babysitting, dog walking and more?
Kumbaya is the first gig marketplace for GenZ teens where parents can find help with day to day care tasks and teens can find trusted hourly gigs within their parents’ network.
We connect parents with trusted teens for care services (tutoring, pet care, babysitting, etc.) while providing job opportunities for teens who are looking for gigs.
Whether you are looking to earn extra pocket money or looking for an internship, Gigster by Kumbaya App is the app for you. Any teen that wants to work and can work, should have a job!
Gigster by Kumbaya App leverages trust to create a more communal marketplace. Teens are looking for opportunities for casual and flexible gigs, Gigster by Kumbaya App is providing them with this opportunity. We also educate GenZ teens about employment, financial responsibilities and accountability. Gigster by Kumbaya App provides an end to end solution including matching, scheduling, communicating and tracking tasks for GenZ teens and parents.
Don’t miss out on Kumbaya App, a reliable marketplace where GenZ Teens & Parents connect for casual and flexible gigs.
Download Gigster by Kumbaya App for free!