Get Trip On – Iakov Krengel

Get Trip on is travel app for easy travel.

1. Get Trip On is a one-stop-shop for travellers who want to travel local, find out about local places, get notified about various promotions, and finally embrace the culture. Everything from car rentals to bars, from beauty saloons to hidden beaches, from restaurants to local tours.
2. Your personal planner. Have you ever wished you had an assistant who would help you organize your amazing trip without the need to spend a couple of hours browsing through travelling apps and taking screenshots of the places you want to go to? Well, all wishes must come true. We created your personal planner. Found a cool restaurant to dine out? Add it to your wish-list! Or maybe you want to know what fellow travellers are checking out? Browse through the feed where travellers just like you share their plans with the world! Wanna join them? Well, here is our next cool feature
3. In-platfrom (in-app) chat. We created chat to give travellers an opportunity to meet other travellers, plan mutual trips, ask questions, and simply chat. Travellers can comment on listings helping others to make their choices.
4.Experts. Experts are essentially me and you or it could be somebody else. Experts are people who know locations well just like the back of their hands. Experts could be either locals or travellers who happen to know something special or unique about the places. We are giving them an opportunity to create their own mini-tours and promote them inside the platform where anyone could purchase a tour and enjoy a safe and without a doubt a customized tour.