FYT: #1 Home Fitness App – FYT Technologies Inc.

Transform your fitness routine with in-home workouts from FYT. Choose from expert trainers that fit your workout style and stream instructor led studio classes built to motivate and empower you towards achieving your goals. FYT offers a wide variety of fitness disciplines to choose from including strength training, cardio and yoga. Equipment or not, there’s a workout that suits every goal, environment and schedule.

• Access unlimited trainer-led workout classes anytime, anywhere
• Experience new workouts from different disciplines added weekly
• Fitness classes for every level including strength, endurance, yoga & mobility
• Play your favourite songs from your music library while you workout
• Stay motivated and engaged with achievement tracking and milestones
• Connect with a community of fitness and wellness enthusiasts
• Plan ahead and stay on top of your workouts with your personal calendar
• Maintain your routine by downloading classes for offline viewing

“My friends had no idea where to begin when working out. They love using FYT because they’re able to exercise from home, with no equipment necessary.”

“I loved my trainer Caleigh and I love her 30 minute workouts! Her classes are intense yet extremely rewarding!”

“I have hectic mornings and without the built-in calendar, I would totally skip a workout. It’s now a great way to start my work day, full of energy. Definitely so worth it!”

“I used to train at a gym on a daily basis, but now I use FYT for all my workouts!”

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