FUNKY RADIO 607080 –

FUNKY RADIO – Only Funk Music (60s 70s 80s) | #1 Funk Music Station
No commercial. Rare and unreleased cuts from vinyl. HighQuality Audio. Live for 24 hours. The real classic & original FUNK
FunkyRadio is that bumpy & groovy sound that hits your belly sends out waves through the whole body making you move your feet, nod your head and feeling alright.

Featuring jingles and the voices of the legendary radio stations of the 60’s and 70’s. Musical tracks and rarities groove only from vinyl. At the weekend, live DJs who made you dance in the clubs around the world. FUNKY RADIO has obtained from the European Broadcasting Union, the authorization for the use of the particular domain .radio that allows you to be listened to, simply by typing funky (dot) radio