Fruit Slashing Ninja – BLUE CREAZIONE

Come join the Ninja as he steps in his dream world of Fruits and traps. Neo the cool Ninja is stuck in this never ending Fruity nightmare. This Fruit Slashing ninja is being attacked by different types of fruits. To make this interesting every fruit has special points. This is not your normal Fruit slashing game. You can see how this Hyper casual game will easily be a sensation because how easy it is to play.
Touch Hold – Roll Through
Tap 1 time – Jump
Tap 2 times – Slash Slash Slash!
Experience the thrill of setting new high score in this awesome Arcade style game. Focus on dodging, slashing, jumping to survive the most!.
We plan to keep this game fully updated by adding more and more fruits and vegetables. Neo will be in deep trouble when we launch a new update with Vegetables.
Become a master of slicing fruit! What better way to do that than playing as this Fruity ninja.
Our Neo is so sharp that he carries 2 Katana swords instead of 1.

Unsheathe that sword and unleash your Ninja Running skills while you slash Fruits!!
The game is divided in 3 modes. Depending on your score Ninja increases his speed, agility and aggressiveness.

Unlock 7 Awesome Avatars for your Ninja. We plan to add more in future.
This Ninja will not stop at anything. There are traps, Fruit Man, Dropping Walls, Obstacles, and of course our dear old Fruits.
Fruit Man will chase you if you trigger them.
There are many more things to discover in this awesome Hyper Casual game.

This game will work on mobiles with Ram higher than 200MB.

 The only awesome objective is to become a master of slicing fruit in your dream!

Enjoy juiciness, awesomeness of Fruit Slashing Ninja! Slash em all up!
May Fruit be with you, Ninja slashing force!!!