Fruit Shoot Shadow – Khanh Dang Cong

Fruit Shoot Shadow is a shooting game featured fruit, gently.
And the game is completely free.
The game has two ways to shoot for you to choose:
Category level – each game screen you have 90s to complete the score assigned to the last screen.
At the end of level 30s will have trouble lights off, it will be difficult to shoot.
Try to hit as many fruits and small stars (each star you will get 100 points).
Do not hit the boom effect will cause you to be penalized.
Note: you should hit to collect all 6 pieces of pizza that will get you 300 points if you add enough of the level of the request.

Category glassic – this is the highest scoring game.
With this game you are free to express his shooting ability and proved to be the best.
Come on let’s try!