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Download Froth and start exploring Cape Town’s independent coffee scene. Froth is available at some of the best independent coffee shops in Cape Town and surrounds.

What is Froth?

Froth is the key to finding and supporting Cape Town’s coolest independent coffee shops. Using your phone’s geolocation, we offer a helpful map of the nearest locations, plus a payment platform that saves you between 10% and 20% off the menu price. Use your phone to find your new favourite coffee shop, and leave your wallet at home when you pay for your drinks through the app – by simply using your phone’s camera, you are able to pay using a QR code in-store. And don’t worry, you can leave the punch cards at home because we have a built-in digital loyalty system that keeps track of all your purchases.

We are currently in some of the best independent coffee shops in Cape Town and are hoping to expand very quickly. If we’re not in your city yet, stay tuned! We probably will be soon. If you have any suggestions on which coffee shops to sign up next, email us at

The Discount

Our platform offers discounts of between 10% and 20% on any coffee drink (to stay or to go) at participating shops. Each day you use Froth, your discount moves up by 2.5%. The deal is that if you miss a day you go back down to a 10% discount.

Referral Option

Share Froth with a friend or loved one! Our in-app referral option makes it super simple. Plus, when you refer a friend using a unique link, you both get 20% off of your coffee for that day!

Corporate Memberships

Interested in purchasing Froth as a perk for your employees or clients/customers? Just reach out to and we’ll get your people nice and caffeinated.
Independent coffee shop owner? Let’s talk! Reach us at:

More on Froth

Facebook: @frothmembershipcoffee
Instagram: @frothcoffeeapp