Forwardie – Eduardo Almeida

Forwardie is an app that allows you to access protected resources on a server that you have SSH access to, or by using a jump server to achieve the connection.

Everything that you can achieve with the `ssh -L` command on your desktop, you should now be able to achieve anywhere with your iOS device!

You can generate SSH keys securely on the secure enclave of your device for maximum security.

– Connect to SSH servers using username/password or username/private key;
– Connect to services running on your destination machine, or use your destination machine as a jump server;
– Private Key Generation (ECDSA P-256 with Secure Enclave support, ECDSA P-386 and ECDSA P-521);
– Import and export your private keys.

The app is free to use for up to 2 connections and 1 private key. This limit can be fully unlocked with a small in-app purchase.