Fortress M is an Arcade Shooting Game with real-time battles designed in cartoon style exclusively for mobile.
– Click! Aim! Fire! Enjoy exhilarating battles with real human and claim time-limited exclusive giftpacks to collect fun cannons and gems!
– Super classic gameplay and easy control with various cannons. Fight against other players by teamwork and strategy then shoot and survive! All you will have are intensity and fun after quick match with friends.
Deploy units, focus your aims and now fire!

*Fortress Series Awards (by 17173):
#4 Top Games Selection
#1 Casual Game

Game Features

Free to Get Premium Box
Unlock! Surprise! And upgrade! Plenty of rare items in various premium box which could been simply achieved from Arena and upgrade!

Have Fun with Friends!
10V10! Squad! Duo! Random SOLO! Multiple battle modes and maps for optional!

70+ Characters and Skills!
Collect adorable and fun cannons, combine 4 skills with your favourite unit!

Simple Control – Tap and Drag!
Angle settled and fire! Super classic and casual gameplay in 3-minutes and less!

Knock Your Enemies Off!
Number of team members counts as lives, stay tightly and survive till last minute!