Footsapp – Youflik Social NetConnect Pvt Ltd

Finally, an app that boots out all the hassle of organising a weekly kick-about. Our goal is to change the way grassroots football is played and kick-out with reducing the time spent on all the boring off-pitch logistics and administration. Bring the fun back into football with Footsapp.

Have you ever been at work trying to discretely sort out a game of football, your eyes darting between your manager and your phone group chat? It’s painful!
…if you leave it too long, suddenly you have to sift through all the chatter just to find out who’s actually playing and where?

Whether you’re a casual player or an organiser, Footsapp lets you; create your football groups, send out game invites and get real-time updates on player availability. Seamlessly make teams and record stats post game on an interactive and dynamic platform with a few clicks.

What can you do on Footsapp:

1. CREATE A GROUP – Create your football group whether that’s work colleagues, or just mates.

2. CREATE A GAME – Send out interactive game invites with all the key information such as Location, Date & Time, Cost per player and confirm with 1 click.

3. REALTIME LINEUP – View player availability in real time, manage drop outs, and add one-off players to the game.

4. CREATE TEAMS – Create teams on a dynamic formation page that is visible to the group with options to personalise team names and jersey colours.

• POST GAME STATS – submit your goals and assists post match with a couple of clicks.
• MATCH REPORT – upon admin review of stats (admin can edit stats too for all those who think an own goal counts as a goal), and submitted as complete, a final match is generated.
• Check out all your collated stats on your profile page and also compare your performance against those you’re playing with on the group home page.

6. PREVIOUS GAMES – You’ll now be able to see all the previous games you’ve played in, how well you and your mates played.

7. CHATTER – Chat to individuals or use group chat for banter or to out the guy that hasn’t paid yet.

How sweet is that? And This is just the beginning.

Just footsapp it!