Footballers app – Krzysztof Garnys

There is a lot of footballers in the world. Some of the players are the greatest in the world. The others have the best times behind of themselves but still wants to import. There are also young talents. And we don’t want to forget about football’s legends.

Footballers app is an application with all your favourite players and events in one place. Everyone can edit information about a footballer, referee, coach, team or stadium. You are also able to track results, events and statistics during a match. What’s more, you can review standings tables of the leagues that you are interested in. Thanks to the calendar you can be up to date with matches in the next days.

Footballers app allows you:

Track match results, events, statistics and leagues standings.

Add descriptions to people, teams, and stadiums.

Share news about footballers with other people

Get fresh information from the community about the football world.

Vote on your favourite footballer

Why this application is so important? It gives you a chance to share your knowledge about footballers with the community. It also allows you to track everything that happens on the pitch. You can also read the news that is written by other users of the Footballers app. And who knows, maybe you also play football. Live a healthier and more interesting life with Footballers app.