football in the maze – ESTHER LEVESQUE

Football in the maze is a leisure and entertainment app for working people, let’s spend the boring time with you.
Function introduction:
1、 Mode selection
The mode is divided into: breakthrough mode and random mode. There are 30 customs clearance modes in total, and the difficulty increases gradually. The random mode is difficulty random.

2、 Breakthrough mode
There are 30 levels in total, and the difficulty increases gradually. Only after passing the latest pass can the next pass be unlocked.

3、 Random mode
After entering random mode, mazes of different difficulty will be randomly generated.

4、 How to play
You can move the football by clicking up, down, left or right. Move the football from the starting point of the upper left corner to the ending point of the lower right corner, that is, pass this pass.
Tip: long press up, down, left, right to move continuously.