foodiesocial – CODE BREW OOD


FoodieSocial utilizes social media by allowing patrons and owners alike to build virtual picturized menus of their favorite spots. Physical menus are clunky, hard to update, and wasteful. Foodiesocial’s visual menus help take the guesswork out of how a meal might taste and improve customer satisfaction. Foodiesocial is an interactive experience that will excite and personalize dining out.

Have you ever…

…been enticed by a meal on its way to another table?

– Open our app and quickly search through a visual menu that you can contribute to. Never again worry about portion sizes or how many wings you can share.

…wanted to share your foodie journey?
A: Remember that mouthwatering avocado toast from two months ago? Share it from your profile page and have it again this weekend with friends.

…visited a new area hungry for foodie spots?
A: View posts for local restaurants from other users in real-time in the Nearby page.

…wondered about the atmosphere of a new spot?
A: Check out vibe posts to get a feel for the mood. That loud, country music blasting bar and grill might not encourage conversation for your first date.

…forgot the name of a recommendation from your friends or newsfeed?
A: “Lightbulb” your bright ideas for places and dishes to try. When searching for a spot, “lightbulbed” ideas are suggested first based off your location. Be a smarter foodie by knowing where to go and what to eat no matter where you are.

…picked up a grease-stained menu and lost your appetite.
– Proper sanitation is more crucial than ever. Keep your hands clean and the planet green by helping us eliminate the need for hard copy menus.