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Focus Lock by Flipd is the best app to limit screen time and the easiest way to lock away distractions from your phone. As one of our users says, “It’s like you’re given no other option but to really focus.”

With Focus Lock, hide ALL of your downloaded apps for a time that you select, and your apps will return to your phone screen (like magic!) when the time is done. Whether it’s to study, focus, work, read, sleep, or take a social media detox, Focus Lock will make sure that you can’t open your apps and get distracted.

Prevent every single phone distraction with just one tap
Take a digital detox without needing to delete any apps from your phone
Hide notifications from social media and other distracting apps
No need to remember a passcode to unlock your phone
Effectively reduce temptation to go on your phone
Experience extremely heightened focus

From a happy user: “No matter what, you can’t open your apps and be distracted. I work solo and sometimes social media really affects my focus. When I enable Screen Time, I am more present and so much more productive. Screen Time has been a game changer for my business.”

When you want some time away from your phone or social media apps, turn on Focus Lock for up to 24 hours
Tag your Focus Lock session so that you can keep track of what you did with your time
Your apps will disappear for the duration of time that you’ve selected
Only default iOS apps, like Phone, Calendar, and iMessage will remain accessible
When the time is done, your apps will return to your phone like magic
Keep track of your progress in the daily progress bar
Sync your sessions with iCalendar and the Flipd app for more detailed stats

Here are some words from Flipd Focus Lock users:

“It’s honestly the best app ever. I appreciate how much it helps me focus. That I’m able to lock my apps for an hour a day helps me be more productive and feel better.”

“Total insulation from distraction.”

“It prevents any and all distractions without deleting apps.”

“No notifications from any apps.”

“It saved my life, I got so much work done, and it changed my relationship to my phone”

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