FlyAndDrive – Ryan Knightly

FlyAndDrive is a completely unique game that gives you a classic retro feel like no other.

Experience the retro aesthetic as you drive and fly through an 80s style neon grid terrain.

To complete the experience, there are multiple Synthwave songs that play during the game, immersing you entirely in a nostalgic digital heaven.

This game combines the music of Synthwave and Retrowave together with the art and aesthetics of Vaporwave to create an experience like no other.

How to Play:
As a car you drive through the expansive terrain and collect ammo for the plane while dodging palm trees.

You then drive through a gate to seamlessly transform into a plane.

As a plane, you tap to shoot and explode a range of objects including dolphins, pineapples, manikin heads, and more.

You can choose to use either a virtual joystick or tilt controls to control both the car and the plane.

The goal is to beat your own highscore, and each item that you explode earns one point. Of course that is only if you want to. You may find that the game is enjoyable enough simply flying and driving around while enjoying the background music.

However you decide to play, enjoy!