Fluids & Sounds – Marvin Krueger

This app helps you to reduce stress and calm down. It simulates fluids which you can create while touching on your device.

You feel like the world is too overwhelming and you need to get a bit of awareness?
Use your fingertips to create wonderful forms and shapes on your device. While you do so, you can listen to relaxing music which is generated in realtime, depending on your input.

Key feature:
– Fluid simulation with dozens of parameters to play around with (color, bloom, sunrays, resolution, force and more)
– Gyrosensor and force touch are integrated (if you want to use them)
– Sound synthesis for meditating music
– Take screenshots
– Save and load your favorite settings using presets

Hope you’ll enjoy!

Do you have ideas for new features or improvements? You are not satisfied with this app?
Feel free to send me a message at info@mkgames.org

– Best regards Marvin