Floplug – Shamin Meerankutty

Embed a live chat integrated with Shopify and other customer support apps. Push modules straight from your help desk live chat. Automate your customer support live chat and contact us page using stats, rules and templates.

Use templates, automation, rules to cut support time. Your support team will be more productive and your customers will love you for it.

Features :
* Respond instantly with live chat.
* Set up automated responses & bot to common tickets.
* Live Chat with customers currently on your store.
* Perform actions like awarding discounts without leaving the chat.
* Help shoppers find the perfect product
* Answer customer questions
* Boost store sales
* Collect customer feedback with ease.

Floplug supercharges you stinky old end-user website call-to-actions into a sublimely crafted chat backed by an intelligent and robust backend.

We are waay more than just a chatbot!

Our state management feature lets users resume from the point where they left.

Floplug is much more intuitive than a chatbot as it has got inbuilt modules, which can add any functionality otherwise thought to be too sophisticated to fit a single screen.

We believe that an ideal Customer Experience can only be achieved with an ideal brew of humans and bots, no amount of secret sauce spout into a chat bot can make the experience seamless.