Flap On! Seal – Chunnan Jin

In the frozen land arctic land of the south pole. There lived a little cute seal that loves to play and run. She is on a great adventure of collecting all the gems from the icy land. So she slide and flap and run all around the place to collect them. But there are dangers within the ice, and its really hard to stop when you are sliding all around the place. So the little seal needs to uses her maneuver skill to avoid the dangers. There will be ice walls that will appear in the left, right, and middle. You’ll need to help her to slide to the right direction to not hit the ice wall. There will also have changes in the way. Help her to turn right or right. Last but not least, sometime the ice will break off and there will be no land to slide on. You’ll need to swipe up to jump over it. Quick! Go help the seal to keep on flapping in “Flapp On! Seal”!