FitDitts – Janalee Dittman

Together with Jani you can begin your fitness journey to a healthier, stronger, more confident way of life. Jani will create a customized workout program tailored to your fitness goals and level of experience. Whether you have minimal to no equipment or access to a full gym, your workouts will be designed to work for YOU. In the app, there will be video and audio guidance through every move. There will also be full follow along workouts and video tutorials, as if I am right there with you, motivating you in real time.

You will be able to log your workouts and track your progress while staying accountable to me with weekly check-ins. You are also able to connect your fitness band & health kit, and get real-time updates via advanced analytical tools. Everything that contributes to your fitness goals gets captured in one place. To top it all, use the inbuilt 1-1 chat feature to have all your queries addressed on the go.

Features that will help you achieve your fitness goals include:

1. Personalized Workout Plan – Get a fully personalized fitness plan tailored to your goals, whether it is to gain weight, lose weight, gain muscles, or simply wish to work on your general fitness.

2. Check-ins – Gain complete insight into your overall performance with easy check-ins and real-time updates.

3. Progress – Stay on top of your progress with powerful analytics.

4. Wearable integration – Get the bigger picture of your progress by connecting your fitness band & health kit thereby enabling real-time updates.

No more wondering what to do for your workouts, or getting bored doing the same routine over and over. I will do all the thinking for you to keep your workouts fresh, balanced, challenging, and most of all, fun.

Note regarding Apple Health:

App integrates with Apple Health to show your daily activity – distance, steps, active energy and flights to help you better achieve your goals.

App also uses Apple Health to track energy burned and heart rate during a workout session, if an Apple Watch is used.

Workout metrics are shared with the trainer to better design your workout schedule.