FishFarming – Mary Swenson

This is a fish application, the home page ‘Home’, is a display of a variety of fish information, you can click to get detailed information, and in the detailed page, you can also collect it, if you think this information is good, You can also share it with your friends, just click the share button in the upper right corner. Of course, you can also enter the character search through the search bar on the homepage. The second page ‘Collection’ is to display your favorite fish, of course. You can also click inside to cancel the collection on the detailed page. The third page ‘Test’ is a small test. You can test it by clicking the ‘Start testing’ button to see how many fish you know and your score will be recorded. Down, on the ‘Test’ page, the fourth page is some user-based service features, such as landing, clearing the cache, feedback, etc. I believe many people love to eat fish, also like to raise fish, and often go fishing by the sea. Or go to the aquarium to enjoy a variety of ornamental fish, then this application can help users better understand the fish, both to protect the cherished fish, To prevent being harmed by dangerous fish, it can also provide good advice to fish farmers, I believe it will be loved by users!