Fiqh of Dua and Adhkar – Farhan Farid

Dua And Adhkar with explanations and references

An easy to use (ads free) app which contains authentic 267 Do’a and Zikr for Muslim’s daily supplication and special occasion. It covers every daily day to day activities and occasions, from day to night. The app will greatly benefit all Muslims and inshaAllah bring us closer to Qur’an and Sunnah. It is based on the popular Hisnul Muslim book by Sheikh Sa’id Ibn Wahf Al-Qahtaani. Some of the Do’a and Zikr topics in the app – when waking up, when wearing and undressing, entering and leaving toilet, performing ablution and prayer, going to a mosque, seeking guidance in making a decision, morning and evening Azkar, and a lot more.