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The average child now spends more than 3 hours a day on devices. Finny turns this screen time into learning moments. Unlike traditional parental control apps that simply block, monitor, and restrict, we interrupt with custom educational quizzes, empowering your child to balance mobile habits while learning something in the process. Finny is the practical and productive solution to engage with your child.

Getting started is simple:
– Install the app on your device or your child’s device or any device they use (phone or tablet)
– Create a display name and enter your child’s grade level
– Finny will send daily challenges, competitions, daily assignment, monitor unproductive time and interrupt by triggering a challenges.
– Once the quiz is completed, the device resumes normal usage

To customize your experience:
– Register as a parent or student from your device.

– Receive daily challenges, assignments, contents, competitions.
– Select interruption interval and how many questions to ask
– Choose content categories (everything from Math & Science to Current Events)
– Enable features like ‘lockdown mode’ or issue real-time parent challenges

Report cards help analyze performance by providing quiz results, benchmarking, and device usage statistics.

Did we mention it’s fun too. The reward system teaches valuable time management skills, while creating a competitive community of users.

Download today and bring some balance back to your child’s life.

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