Fingerface ArtWork Stickers – Hira Akram

Enjoy these Amazing Fingerface Stickers in your iMessage conversation.

You can place them anywhere in your iMessage conversations and customize your photos with them!

● To make stickers bigger or smaller, as you drag them up to the messages field to place them somewhere, add another finger to the screen and use pinch gesture to expand or contract them.

● Rotating stickers is done in the same way. As you hold a sticker above the screen before placing it, use two fingers to twist it around, changing its orientation. Make sure not to let go when rotating or resizing, as removing your finger releases the sticker and it can no longer be edited.

You can use these stickers on so many occasions: greeting, wishes, birthdays, weddings, promotions, parties and any time you just want to surprise some one.

-More Stickers Coming Soon-